Chinese Muntjac Skull ♂

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A deer with a distinctive skull and saber teeth

The Muntjac, also known as the saber-toothed deer, attracts the attention of naturalists and animal lovers alike with its unique appearance and remarkable features. The skull of the male is particularly striking, as it has only a small and barely branched antler, but impresses with noticeably elongated rosettes that underline the splendor of the antlers. The glandular cavity on the skull is another characteristic feature of the Muntjac that highlights its uniqueness.

The muntjac marks its territory in a very special way: by secreting a secretion from glands beneath its eyes, which is then spread on grass and branches. These scent marks not only serve to demarcate the territory, but also enable the muntjacs to communicate with each other and strengthen social bonds.

With its imposing appearance and fascinating behavior, the muntjac is not only a jewel of nature, but also the subject of intensive research and admiration for nature lovers around the world.


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