Blasted human medical study skull

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In order to develop this model, the help of trainers, anatomists and surgeons was necessary.
Below is an assessment from Dr. Noel Boaz, Professor of Anatomy:

“This skull is ideal for osteological training. It allows the learner to understand the individual bones, the sutures between bones, and the foramina of the skull. All foramina are visible, allowing the learner to examine the passage points of nerves and vessels. For the medical or dental student, this skull is an ideal companion for head and neck preparation. For students of physical anthropology, this skull is an invaluable learning aid for recognizing anatomical landmarks and skull morphology. For research, the skull is a valuable laboratory reference for detailed forensic, anthropological, paleoanthropological and anatomical research. Its preparation offers a number of advantages over other skull models or even over real skulls. Museum-quality reproduction techniques preserve the finest surface details with the appearance and texture of real bone. There are no mold dividing lines that can blur the details. The skull is much more durable and withstands much more handling than a real skull. All foramina are reproduced in detail, which allows even the smallest branches of nerves and small blood vessels to be traced through the skull. The skull is particularly useful for tracing the many branches of the trigeminal nerve, understanding the course of the cranial parasympathetic nerves and the location of their ganglia, and assessing the bony relationships of the branches of the maxillary artery. In real skulls, many of these foramina are too narrow to allow a probe to pass through. In addition to a reasonable price compared to real skulls of good quality, this model also has no problems with international regulations regarding human tissue, origin and donor consent forms." - Noel T. Boaz, Ph.D., MD, Professor of Anatomy .

This skull of what is believed to be a young woman is finely detailed and shows all the foramina, canals, sutures and minute details of a real skull. A scientific work (in English) by Dr. Boaz entitled “Osteological Tracing of Cranial Nerves” is available and included when ordering this skull. The work includes two tables and a 22 x 28 cm poster entitled "Bristle through bone: An osteological model approach to teaching the cranial nerves and foramina", which was presented at the American Association of Anatomists/Experimental Biology Congress in April 2006 Noel Boaz and David Kronen were introduced.

Delivered in a matching case with appropriate padding.

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