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This 14-part skull model is a cast of a real human skull preparation and shows all anatomical structures in the highest level of detail. It was developed for students of anatomy, medicine, surgery, otolaryngology, ophthalmology and dentistry. The skull is intricately cut and assembled with metal and magnet connections.

The cranium is open and removable but leaves the temporal bones and their sutures untouched. Bony impressions of the sagittal sinus, the transverse sinus and the sigmoid sinus as well as the meningeal vessels are painted. The skull base is sectioned sagittal such that the section passes through one ethmoid plate on one side and another in the same plane section through the other ethmoid plate, leaving the Christa galli and perpendicular plate intact, as well as the entire nasal septum. The structures of the anterior, middle and posterior cranial fossa are easily accessible. One can directly see the nasal cavity, the turbinate, the septum, and the bony pharynx and nasopharynx. The nasal septum can be removed from the surrounding bone structures. The frontal sinuses are prepared as a whole on one side and opened on the other side so that they are fully accessible. The relationship of this sinus to the nasal cavity can be clearly seen, this is of particular value to otolaryngologists.

The temporal bone was left in situ on one side of the skull. The other temporal bone is removable from the skull. A portion of the mastoid and temporal bones along with the antrum mastoideum can be removed, providing a clear view of the inner ear. All three semicircular canals are visible along with the course of the facial nerve, which runs backwards and then downwards and finally passes through the stylomastoid foramen. The removable temporal bone shows a complete external auditory canal. An almost vertical incision through the mastoid process and then further inward along the petrosquamosal fissure bisects the temporal bone and the position of the tympanic membrane can be seen. Like the cochlea, the carotid canal is open and shows the inner auditory canal and the course of the facial nerve. The oval window, the semicircular canals and the opening of the tympanic cavity can be seen.

The upper and lower jaws show the structures of the dentition, the roots, the bony edge of the alveolar process and the dental nerves and vessels. The maxillary sinus can be opened by removing a flap. The teeth of the right mandibular flap are bisected, showing the internal structures of the teeth.


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