Skeleton "Bert" with muscle markings and ligaments

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Anatomical skeleton with ligaments and muscle painting. All details and structures are reproduced in detail.

The model has the following features:

- Natural cast of a human skeleton
- Display of all anatomical details, fissures, foramina and processes
- Skull that can be dismantled in three parts
- Removable arms and legs
- Sliding joints in shoulder, hip and ankle
- Leg can be dismantled at the knee
- Detachable foot
- Movable shoulder blades
- 5-beam safety roll tripod
- Joint ligaments of knee, hip, elbow and shoulder on one side of the body
- Identification of the muscle origin and insertion areas on one half of the body

With detailed instructions.

Height with tripod: 176 cm, height without tripod: approx. 165 cm
Weight: 9.5kg

All Erler Zimmer skeletons are casts of natural skeletons of the highest quality and detail. The models made of durable plastic show all anatomical details, structures, fissures, foramina and processes. All bones are individually crafted and carefully assembled. Hands and feet are flexibly mounted on wire. Arms, legs and skull can be easily removed and partially disassembled. The 5-beam caster stand always gives the model a secure footing and enables easy transport from room to room.

Ideal for physical therapy students! The muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue) are marked on the right side. This label was developed in cooperation with lecturers at a physiotherapy school and is specifically geared to the requirements of physiotherapy. The instructions are didactically structured in the order typical for physiotherapists and also refer to appropriate literature.

Flexible ligaments on the knees, hips, elbows and shoulders allow the movements to be demonstrated and the function to be explained. The most important bands are shown.

The three-part skull was digitized and adjusted to closely match the standard anatomy. The size corresponds to the European average size, all important structures, fissures, foramina and processes are present. The skull can be disassembled into skull base, lower jaw and skull cap. The skull cap is aligned with the base of the skull with metal pins and is held in place by magnets. Unlike almost all competitor skulls, this technology means that no pin can break off and there is no longer a gap between the skull cap and the skull base. There are no annoying locking hooks that can bend or break off.

The shoulders and hips are assembled without disruptive metal parts and offer the opportunity to demonstrate not only rotational movements but also sliding movements in the joint. The articular surfaces slide directly on each other, making it possible for the first time to demonstrate all sliding and traction possibilities according to manual principles and biomechanics.

The shoulder blades are mounted in such a way that they can move with arm movements. In this way, the natural course of movement can be shown.

The upper ankle is mounted with rubber and allows any movement. The foot can be easily removed to take it to a course, for example.


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