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Erler Room

Since its founding in 1950, the Erler-Zimmer company has developed into a leading manufacturer of didactic materials for scientific and medical education. The company's headquarters are located in Lauf, Baden Württemberg, Germany. The roots of the name Erler-Zimmer go back to the family names of the founders, Johannes Erler and his son-in-law Walter Zimmer.

As proud distributors of Erler Zimmer models in Switzerland, we are committed to establishing the excellent teaching materials from this renowned German manufacturer in educational institutions in the country. The high-quality anatomy and veterinary models from Erler-Zimmer help to ensure practical and well-founded training in the fields of natural sciences and medicine.


High quality Products

We consciously chose products from high-quality German production. All business processes are optimized in such a way that errors can almost be ruled out. However, our top priority is always customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are flexible enough to modify processes according to our customers' wishes, which enables a strong customer orientation.

If you would like to order Erler Zimmer products using our form that are not available in our shop, we will be happy to help you. Our goal is to always provide you with quality and ensure that your requirements are met. We look forward to welcoming you as a satisfied customer.