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As trained carpenters and bone preparers, we understand the deep passion hunters have for their trophies. For many hunters, the combination of wood and skulls is the ultimate symbol of their success in the wilderness.

Hunting is a passion often shared across generations, and the trophies you collect tell stories of adventure and achievement. Our trophy signs are the perfect way to honor these stories and display your hunting trophies in all their glory. We invite you to explore our extensive selection and find the trophy plaque that will properly highlight your valuable achievements. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of wood and skulls or the modern style of slate, we have the right trophy board for you. Make your trophies timeless keepsakes and proudly show what you have achieved in the wild.


The art of distinction and recognition

Diverse Wood Choices: Our trophy signs offer a wide range of woods to choose from including oak, walnut, maple and many more. These woods give your trophy plaque a unique and warm touch that perfectly matches the rustic charm of a hunting trophy.

Ornate Carvings: Our skilled craftsmen can create custom carvings according to your requirements. Whether it's delicate wild animal motifs, initials or special date engravings, we can design your trophy plate according to your ideas.

Modern Slate Signs: If you prefer a more modern look, we also offer slate trophy signs. These signs add a contemporary touch to your trophies and are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Accessories for taxidermy: We not only offer trophy signs, but also accessories for the taxidermy of your hunting trophies. From skull mounts to preservation materials, we have everything you need to keep your trophies in top condition.

Hunting trophies accessories

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Hunting Trophies Service Switzerland

We have exciting news for all hunters! Find out more by reading this post and feel free to share! As a leading bone preparation company in Switzerland, we have created a new section specifically for our hunter customers. Welcome to Switzerland's moderate trophy service as part of our Partner+ program from SWISSskulls and Skullstore. With us you not only receive a service, but also an extensive selection of wooden signs, cold cuts and custom-made products. The entire offering is seamlessly handled through our Partner+ program to provide you with the utmost convenience.

💯 Swiss quality

SWISSskulls stands for quality, craftsmanship and respect for nature. They share the fascination for the animal world and want to pass it on through their unique products. Immerse yourself in the world of animal skulls and be inspired by the beauty and diversity of nature.

🌱 Nature

Each animal skull from SWISSskulls tells its own story. Meticulous handwork and precise preparation preserves the natural features and details of each skull while ensuring an aesthetic presentation. The results are stunning works of art that reflect the beauty and complexity of wildlife.

😱 Social media

Join SWISSskulls on a fascinating journey with over 5.2 million video views on TikTok and YouTube, where they will teach you how to prepare and clean bone preparations. Immerse yourself in the world of bone preparation and discover the diverse possibilities.

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The preparation of animal skulls requires experienced professionals with knowledge of anatomy, bone preparation and conservation techniques.